Crab Shell Fertiliser

Pure crushed crab shell provides a natural way
to protect and nurture healthy plants.

It suppresses harmful nematodes...

and other diseases caused by
harmful nematodes and pathogens.

It suppresses harmful nematodes...

promoting healthy, hearty plants.

It suppresses harmful nematodes...

with a natural slow-release of
calcium and other minerals

Why we dig it

Pure and simple

Our product is crab shell, nothing but crab shell.
No additives, chemicals or pesticides on your plants.

Hale and hearty

Crab shell chitin encourages populations of beneficial microorganisms that suppress harmful nematodes. In the soil, chitin triggers plant defence mechanisms. Put together that’s a powerful pincer movement creating happy, healthy plants.

Naturally slow

Calcium, nitrogen and other and trace minerals in the crab are released slowly, held in the soil until the little particles of loveliness are broken down gradually over time.

Marvellous minerals

There’s a lot of good stuff in a bag of crushed crab shell. As well as Calcium (31.5%), there is Nitrogen (2.3%); Phosphate (1.7%); Potassium (0.12%); Magnesium (2.3%); Iron (0.15%) and teeny tiny bits of Boron, Copper, Manganese, Molybdenum and Zinc.

How it works

Crab shell attracts colonies of beneficial microorganisms. They produce enzymes that break down the crab shell fragments. This enzyme also destroys the exoskeletons and eggs of harmful nematodes that attack the roots of healthy plants.

Chitin from the crab shell triggers natural defence mechanisms, preparing plants to defend off attack by infecting pathogens, creating a natural protection against diseases such as Blight and Wilt.

Meanwhile, as the crab shell breaks down, it provides a slow release of calcium promoting healthy growth. Strong cells are good for disease prevention too, tackling annoying things like Blossom End Rot on tomatoes.

One-time use. Long-time protection

Use just one application to help keep your plants in the pink for the whole season. Apply indoors and outdoors, on seedlings or established plants, digging in lightly in the rooting areas.

Apply crab shell to keep root knot nematodes at bay for vegetables, soft fruit and perennials. Ward off the wilt that attacks a wide range of plants, from beans to basil, carnations to chrysanthemums. Tackle Blossom End Rot in tomatoes, cucumber, chilli peppers, aubergine and squash with the crab shell’s slow-release calcium. For all-round protection for your veg patch, 1 kg covers approximately 10m2.