Sea The Change

We are a small business who sea-cycles.
We gather a natural waste product from the
seas around Guernsey and repurpose it for good.

Building on strong roots

Phil Collenette knows a lot about healthy trees. An arboriculture consultant, he has spent many years looking after trees across Guernsey and the Channel Islands.

These days though, he is a little less keen on climbing them. Inspired by an article on the protective properties of chitin while browsing through a tree magazine, he decided to branch out, exploring how chitin in a waste product like Guernsey crab shell could be harnessed to ensure strong healthy plant roots and strong healthy plants.

We are repurposing waste resources, supporting the Guernsey fishing community, and ultimately producing a product that is naturally good for plants. Sea The Change is all about the small things, yet we hope we can make a real difference
Phil, MD Sea The Change Ltd

Hand-picked in Guernsey

Beautiful harbour scene at sunset
Crab shells in a blue bucket
Buying crab meat at the Crab Cabin


Our crab shell fertiliser is pure and simply crab shell. Washed in sea water. Dried in the Guernsey sun. Nothing added. Nothing taken away.

All the crab shell we use is from crabs that are pot-caught. It is a low-impact and sustainable way of fishing that allows any bycatch, undersized crabs or females with eggs to be returned safely to the open water. If they don’t match sustainability standards, the crabs are taken out and sent on their way. A female Chancre crab will produce up to 3 million eggs in her lifetime, one of the reasons why crab is such a prolific and sustainable food choice.

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